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Best Deals Last Week: October 31st (list)


With all the savings we have shown you in the past week we’ve picked out some gems that are still around to save you cash. There’s a great variety to choose from, and as the holidays draw closer now’s a great time to plan ahead or spoil yourself one extra...


Best Deals Last Week: October 3rd (List)


We’ve definitely had a wide range of products get sales hit in the past week. From video cameras to HDTVs at record breaking low prices and even smartphones and tablets. Here’s we’ve compiled a list of the best ones that are still around to take advantage of: 10. Panasonic HDC-TM41H...

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Bros And Mos MacBook Decals Are Manly As Hell


For those looking to add a little ruggedness to their otherwise bare MacBook, Stick With Me Baby’s “Bros and Mos” line of hair and mustache decals for your Apple logo is sure to do the trick. There are sixteen decals to choose from, half of which are just different varieties...


Apple Upgrades Unibody MacBook With Faster CPU & GPU


Confirming rumors, Apple announced today that they’ve updated the white unibody MacBook. The CPU remains the same, a Core 2 Duo, but now starts out at 2.4 GHz from the previous 2.26Ghz. Also the same is a 250GB HDD, the glass multi-touch trackpad, and an 8X SuperDrive. But you don’t...

Macbook Line 2010

New Macbook Model Numbers Surface, Core i5 And i7 Maybe


Huddling over your laptop anxiously gnawing on your fingernails will do nothing for your antiquated keyboard.  Unless of course you’re waiting on the imminent announcement of a refreshed Macbook line, in which case it will give you motive to your replace your machine (you know, because you’ll break your computer)....


A New Apple Patent Might Hint At Removable Touchscreen Laptop


Today a new Apple patent emerged to address the issues associated with disconnecting a hard drive or USB drive before it has been officially unmounted from the system’s OS.  You’ve probably had this experience when you’ve unplugged your external hard drive from your computer before ‘ejecting’ it and a warning...


Gadget Rumor: Orange To Sell Subsidized Apple Laptop


MobileToday in the UK is reporting that Orange, the European telecom, is close to finalizing a deal with Apple to sell their laptops at a subsidized rate.  Without referencing any solid sources, the report states that Orange would discount an Apple laptop if the subscribers signs up for two years...


New Macbooks Already Shipping


According to Citi Group analyst Rich Gardner, and by way of Apple Insider, Apple has already begun shipping new Macbooks from China to US shores. I have no clue how he confirmed this, but in a ‘company flash’ bulletin he wrote: “Field checks confirm that shipments of new MacBooks have...