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Troll Touch Announces Touchscreen iMacs (video)


[GR]lRrWEZXaqH4[/GR] If you’re still pining after a touchscreen Mac and can’t hold out any longer for the long rumored Apple Tablet computer, well, you’re in luck, kind of.  More like in debt considering the prices I’m about to tell you about. Troll Touch, whose apparently been outfitting Macs with touch...


Gadget Rumor: Is This The Macbook Touch Splash Page?


Is this truly the splash page for the impending Macbook Touch? No one knows for sure but there are a few hints to indicate otherwise.  The URL string lists as opposed to  The ‘T’ in touch looks a bit odd, as if its a smaller font then the...


Gadget Rumor: 15-inch Macbook Air


The Macbook Air turned out to be one of Apple's most underwhelming laptops, so it's not like this rumor is all that exciting to begin with. Regardless, though, according to, Apple will launch a 15-inch Macbook Air sometime later this [...]...

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