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MacBook Air 11 MJVM2LL/A

Deals: Latest 2015 Core i5 MacBook Air Cut to $750


Don’t need the Retina display of the latest and greatest MacBook? You can get a 2015 model MacBook Air MJVM2LL/A for $750. It’s got more than enough computing and storage power for typical usage. Today eBay seller blutek is unloading the Xbox One Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle for...

MacBook Air 11 MJVM2LL/A

2015 MacBook Air falls to only $750 this week in Deals


Typically in previous years you’ve had to pay a grand or more for the latest MacBook Air. Today you save hundreds by comparison on the 2015 model MacBook Air – it’s $750 from a reputable eBay seller. In the past, this price point has been more characteristic of Airs 2...


Broadwell Equipped MacBook Pro & Air Drops Up to $200


Mac fan? Want to save on a portable? Earth Day is apparently your day, because you can get either a latest gen MacBook Pro Broadwell for $1,100 or a MacBook Air Broadwell for $800. Both these machines are equipped with Intel’s latest Broadwell processor, giving you plenty more performance and...


Deals: Xbox One Console Back to Black Friday Pricing + $33 Bonus


If you’re looking for next gen console deals, today’s post has solid bargains on both the Xbox One Assassin’s Creed: Unity Bundle and Wii U Deluxe Set. Right now Rakuten’s got coupon JANREWARDS that multiplies the Rakuten points you get from your purchase by 10x. Converted to “cash”, that’s $33...


Discount Mac By Christmas: Free Next Day Delivery at B&H


Last minute holiday shopping for a new Mac? Today several Apple notebooks and desktops showed up with discounts and free next day delivery at B&H Photo. It might seem strange a camera specialist store is selling Macs so cheap, but all the models listed below are at their lowest prices...


Expand Your MacBook Air With A MicroSD Card Reader


MacBooks are spectacular laptops. Most people will swear by them and love the way the work and the design they present. However, one complaint you will often hear surrounding these things is that, well, Apple can be a little stingy with the space, and most external storage solutions are ever...


$500 Apple Certified MacBook Air (2011) Clearance


Update 8/26/14: Over 100 units sold thus far. Looks like stock is still going strong. Take a byte out of some Apple savings. Mmm. Puns. The current generation of MacBook Air will typically run you $1,000 or so, but if you go back a few years in model, you can...


Deals: Amazon Fire TV Gets its First Real Discount


Tired of the same old Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast? Today the new Amazon Fire TV received its first significant price drop direct from the manufacturer. At $84, it’s a dollar cheaper than the usual Apple TV sale price – and the Apple TV doesn’t let you use voice commands...


This $649 MacBook Air Is Your Deal of The Day


Need an ultraportable laptop that’s solidly constructed, reliable, and won’t break the bank? We found the 2012 era MacBook Air 11 for only $649 via Daily Steals. This makes the cheapest we’ve found the model for by $51. If you don’t need substantial storage and use a laptop for everyday...

Macbook Air

New Apple Macbook Airs Expected to Launch Tomorrow


Last week, there was rumor floating all over the internet that Apple will launch new Macbook Airs this week. According to a new report, Apple will launch the updated Macbook Airs as early as tomorrow. The folks at 9to5Mac mention the stock of the updated Macbook Airs have started arriving...