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New 1.8GHz Macbook Air Nearly As Powerful As Last Year’s iMac

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UPDATE: Checkout our Macbook Air 13-inch (2011) review. I’ve been running benchmarks all morning on this 13″ Macbook Air (1.8GHz) and when running Geekbench, looked at past results. Apparently, this machine ranks in between last year’s 21″ 3GHz iMac and last year’s 15″ 2.67GHz Macbook Pro, both running dual core chipsets...


The MacBook Air 1.86GHz: Can It Compete With Its Past?


Appearance wise, the new MacBook Air 1.86GHz is identical to the first generation of Apple’s lightweight laptops. Inside, however, is quite another tale to tell, as it contains a new and faster processor, upgraded video circuitry, a faster front-side bus, faster RAM, and a new display connector. ...