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CES 2013 Seagate Storage Solutions Announced


The simplest things don’t often come simply. Take a system backup. It’s a simple task that can save a world of headaches. Pushing myself to do one was like ice skating uphill, until I reviewed the Seagate Back Plus external USB drive. The included Dashboard software makes backups simple and...

Logitech Cube product shot

Logitech Cube Review


There was a time when I would have killed to have had a tablet with me, rather than a laptop. But on second thought, tablets seem to be all about being used for entertainment, not business. Had I a tablet when I was covering a trade show back in the...

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R.I.P. “I’m A Mac/I’m A PC” Ads


MacRumors is reporting that Apple has officially stopped the ‘I’m A Mac’ advertising campaign. All ‘I’m A Mac’ videos have been pulled from the site. The ads, featuring Justin Long and John Hodgman, started in 2006 and were the creation of advertising agency TBWA. Apple’s new campaign is dubbed ‘Why...

OS X Paired With A Touchscreen


[GR]7ObbUsTaupA[/GR] Who knows exactly what Apple will unveil on October 14th, but it’s doubtful the news will be a touchscreen Macbook.  For those of you that are wondering how OS X would behave in the touchscreen environment hit the video.  To be clear, this is a Dell Gigabyte M912 laptop...