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Suitcase Nukes Stowaway Bed Bugs (video)


Just thinking about bed bugs makes me itchy all over! Bed bugs are super gross and super annoying. But these days, if you don’t have a black light device you carry around with you all the time, you might never know that you’re bringing them home with you in your...

rise and hang bag

Pack Wisely With The Rise & Hang Weekender Bag


Get ready for your summer adventures with the Rise & Hang Weekender Bag that will take all the troubles and hassles out of packing! While you can use your old gym bag, nothing beats the the pros that the unique weekender bag has to offer. Since the first thing you...


Suitcase That Weighs Itself And Your Weed

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Too good for one of those digital luggage scales? We all know that extra fees totally suck, so to help you avoid more stress and anguish at the airport, you can buy this suitcase that weighs itself on the fly (haha!). The LCD displays weight in pounds or kilograms at...


GasCase: Just In Case You Need Gas


Ahh the products in which we live with.  Here we have the GasCase.  Pretty much a luggage container that’s shaped like a JerryCan gas container on wheels, the GasCase is sure to make you a person of interest at the Airport.  Made from steel and mounted on heavy duty trolley...


Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale Review


Anxiety sucks.  Piece of mind is awesome.  The Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale is here to keep gray hairs at bay while possibly saving you money while traveling through airports.  As any traveler knows, most airlines charge you a fee if your checked luggage is over 50 pounds.  To help alleviate...