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MyWorld Lounge System is Gadget Friendly


Philippe Starck has created a very gadget friendly lounge system with the “MyWorld” designed for Cassina. The french designer has crafted a simple but high-tech design for those who love comfort and their gadgets. The modular lounge system invites the user to be both relaxed and still remain connected to...


Ferrari F1 Lounge Chair


What’s ugly and red all over?  No, not a Ferrari but a Ferrari Formula F1 lounge chair for your home.   Course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so what might appear to be a furniture atrocity to some (me) is furniture bliss to others.  Actually it would go...


USB Sofas Bring New Meaning To File Sharing


Designed for use in boutique hotels and cyber cafes across the globe, these USB sofas let you take a load off while transferring files.  Each sofa has 14Gb’s of space for file sharing and you’d could play some cool scavenger hunt type games with these placed around your city. Not...

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