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Loop Is Now In The Field For Mobile Payments

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A few months ago, we told you about the upcoming Loop, a mobile payments solution that was actually designed around, you know, how people actually pay for things instead of demanding they have an NFC phone. Well, Loop is now in the field, and the critics have some interesting things...


Loop Might Finally Make Mobile Payments Work

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Mobile payments are supposed to be “the next big thing.” But while companies such as Square have managed to make accepting credit cards a simple task for anybody with a smartphone and a bank account, storing your cards on your phone and actually using them from your phone is still...

Trippy Clock With A Man Inside (video)

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[GR]VW5PByaR2EQ[/GR] Watching this video is a smidge unnerving as this poor guy has quite the OCD battle on hid hands.  Clock hands that is!  This unique clock has a circular flat screen inside on a 24 hour loop that portrays the image of a man writing and rewriting the exact...