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Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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Logitech has a fabulous long-standing reputation with PC gamers for producing quality keyboards, mice and headphones. The love-love relationship really kicked off in the early turn of the century when the company launched some the first mice to feature—wait for it–side/thumb buttons for easier browser navigations. Gamers took to this...

logitech g303 gaming mouse

Logitech G303 Performance Edition Gaming Mouse Announced


Logitech has announced the newest addition to their lineup of gaming peripherals, the Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex Performance Edition Gaming Mouse. At the core of the G303 is Logitech’s best optical sensor, the PMW3366, which delivers exceptional tracking while minimizing speed-related mouse acceleration. The advanced PMW3366 sensor has zero smoothing...


5 Of The Best Logitech iPad Keyboard Cases


Apple iPad is probably one of the best tablets available in the market. It has many traits which sets it apart from its competitors, but the on-screen keyboard it comes with isn’t the best feature of the tablet. It’s small, and may not be the best to suit the typing...

Logitech Keys-To-Go_Coffee Spill_Red

Logitech Keys-To-Go Lets You Type on the Move, Ignores Spills


Have you ever wanted a universal keyboard to tote everywhere, like a mix between a remote controller and a lapdog? Then Logitech has your new dream device with its Keys-To-Go, an ultra-slim keyboard designed to fit in your bag and operate all Apple products within reach. At first glance, the...


Logitech [+] Trip Lets You Mount Your iPhone To The Dashboard With Ease


Everyone on a trip has run into this problem at some point; attaching something, be it smartphone or GPS, MP3 player or Bluetooth speaker, to the dashboard. There are few good solutions, and most of them are designed for just one product. Logitech saw this, realized it would not do…...


Control Your Smart Home With One Remote (video)


You’re home is probably filled with lots of smart devices that keep the lights turned off when no one’s in a room and the temperature nice and cool for when you get home from work. Your smartphone must also be filled with tons of different apps that control each device....


Logitech K480 Keyboard Works With Anything You Own


It’s a truth as universal as it is annoying; if you want all your devices to work with a specific keyboard, well, you’ll probably need either one for each, sign on for precisely one device ecosystem, or get used to swiping in words. Travelers in particular are driven insane by...

ipad 4 keyboards

7 iPad 4 Keyboards 2014 That Make Typing A Breeze (list)


For times when the onscreen keyboard on your iPad 4 just isn’t cutting it, it’s good to have a keyboard handy for those serious typing sessions. An external keyboard offers lots of tactile advantages that real keyboards provide without sacrificing the convenience of using an iPad. Many external keyboards come...

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Logitech X300 Wireless Speaker Is A Party In Your Pocket


Music is becoming more and more integral to our lives. As streaming services, digital downloads, and other ways to hear what’s new fill up our smartphones, one question remains: How are you going to play party tunes? Fortunately, Logitech has a pretty good solution for filling a room, not just...

ipad mini cases

13 iPad Mini Retina Cases That Deserve Big Attention 2014 (list)


The iPad mini with retina display is one of the hottest tablets on the market and if you have one, you probably want to protect it, fight? Even though it’s aluminum design looks pretty darn stylish on it’s own, you wouldn’t want to accidentally drop it and have it break,...


5 Reasons Why The Logitech iPhone Case [+] Is The Only One You’ll Ever Need

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If you’re anything like me, you probably change out your iPhone case quite a lot. Nowadays, accessorizing your gadgets is like accessorizing an outfit. A new case for every occasion. And with so many case choices out there, it’s kind of hard not to want to have a couple of...