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Practice Lockpicking With Lockpick School in a Box


If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to break into a house, or re-live your lockpicking skills in whatever fantasy online role-playing video game you’re playing, now you can with the Lockpick School in a Box set. This set comes with five different pin-tumbler lock cylinders, with the first lock having...


Split Ring Key Lets Keys Be Their Own Chain


Constantly getting locked out of the house or your car?  Can’t stand the idea of hiding keys?  Sick of calling locksmiths?  Well, a surprisingly low tech solution is about to solve that serious problem for you. It’s called the Split Ring Key Blank, and it’s a key ring that’s also...


Be Your Neighborhood LockSmith With This LockPick Gun


Now this seems like a practical gadget.  To be used for either good or evil this cheap ($53) LockPick gun opens most pin tumble locks, dimple locks, cross locks, 2-side and 4-side auto locks.  Using 6V rechargable batteries and a LED light for night use, this could be a very...