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Add-A-Lock: Extra Security In Your Pocket


If you travel a lot, you’ve probably gotten your stuff stolen from a hotel room. Or, if you go home to visit your parents every Christmas, you’ve experienced the sheer pain that is Mom and Dad forgetting you’re not eight and just barging in. But with Add-A-Lock, you can get...

Masterlock Digital dialSpeed-004

Masterlock dialSpeed 1500EDBX Padlock Review


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Not a bad philosophy, and perhaps a question worth asking when regarding Master Lock’s newest dialSpeed padlock.  Now, for the sake of clarity this is not the first dialSpeed Padlock from Masterlock.  The original, the 1500ID, uses the same up/down/left right combo code, but...


Lockitron: Open Your Doors with a Smartphone (video)


Lockitron allows you to lock or unlock your front door with the use of any Internet connected phone.  It works by sending a signal to a small device plugged into your home’s router, which subsequently instructs the door to unlock or lock.  The kits can be self installed and work...

Ivy Bike Lock

Ivy Bike Lock


I’d hardly call bike locks ‘prison’, but they are a bit unsightly, for good reason, though.  ‘Ivy’, by Sono Mocci from Italy is on the ‘seoul cycle design’ competition short list.  It really needs no explanation, but just in case you were wondering, yes, it’s a bike lock disguised as...

halo bicycle lock

Halo Bicycle Lock Keeps Your Bike Safe Via WiFi


Yesterday, we showed you the folding bike, but now we’ve got a great bike lock concept for any bike. The Halo Bicycle Lock (no relation to the game series) gets its name from its angelic security features, including a special design that creates a perfect circle when the lock pieces...

15mm wrench ulock

Convert Your U-Lock Bike Lock With This Tool

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When I’m on my bicycle I try to minimize my weight, which means leaving behind whatever tools or gear I don’t need.  This U-Lock tool converts any Evolution and Gray Kryptonite lock into a 15mm hex wrench, perfect for cranking your fixie’s axle nut.  Thanks to their forward thinking design...


USB Combination Lock


You know those tiny little locks you can place on your luggage to prevent theft?  Ok, ya, they don’t actually stop anyone getting in, but at least it serves as a deterrent to would be thieves, and in the event someone does break into your crap you’ll know sooner than...