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Here’s How To Crack A Combination Lock Quickly


Combination locks aren’t necessarily the safest thing in the world. We all know this, but we settle for using them because, obviously, they’re better than nothing. Or, well, so we thought. But it turns out that they’re not quite as secure as we thought, as we’ve found out thanks to...


Practice Lockpicking With Lockpick School in a Box


If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to break into a house, or re-live your lockpicking skills in whatever fantasy online role-playing video game you’re playing, now you can with the Lockpick School in a Box set. This set comes with five different pin-tumbler lock cylinders, with the first lock having...

sesame lock 1

Sesame Is A Remote For Your Lock


It’s a common anxiety, for apartment dwellers and homeowners alike. You get out the door, you get in the car or on the bus, and you’re halfway to work when you find yourself wondering… “Wait. Did I lock my door?” Sesame allows you to have the answer to that question...

Schlage Sense

Schlage Bluetooth-Enabled Lock Will Eliminate House Keys


In today’s digital age, life keeps on getting more convenient with each new device that’s made. Thanks to smart and connected home gadgets, you can control everything in your house via your smartphone. Now Schlage wants to eliminate your need for keys with its Sense Bluetooth-enabled lock. No More Keys...


Here’s How To Open A Padlock With A Can


We’ve all been there, at some point. We come to a locker, or a shed, or something else, and realize we’ve forgotten the combination on the padlock. Some of us just sigh, set aside ten bucks to buy a new one, and break out the bolt cutters. But the more...


The Soft Key Lock Is Essentially Unpickable


As long as there have been locks, there have been people trying to pick them. Really, it’s not a big surprise: A lock is a logic puzzle, essentially, and there’s just a certain type of person that can’t resist one. That said, though, it’s hard to see how the Soft...


Haven Brings More Security To Your Door Locks


Technology has advanced relentlessly over the last century, but one technology that really hasn’t changed much is the lock to your house. It’s one of those cases where it’s “good enough.” There are advances in locks, but they’re expensive and most people can’t pick a lock, so they’re fine. Unless...


Seatylock Ensures You Never Forget Your Bike Lock


If you own a bike, you’ve definitely had one of two experiences. One, you come out of work, or the store, or some other location, and discover your bike lock has been sheared off with a pair of bolt cutters and your bike is gone. Or two, some jackass stole...


Vier Adds Some Extra Protection To Your Bike


Cable locks for bikes have been around for ages, but some believe that they cannot provide definite protection against theft, as people have found easy ways to get rid of it. Due to this factor, Allen and Paige Young have created Vier bike lock which aims to take security to...


The “Forever” Lock Is Completely Unpickable (Video)

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One of the problems with locks is that in the long run, they’re fairly easy to open if you know what you’re doing. That’s especially problematic for cyclists, who often find themselves short a bike when a quick picker is in the area. The “Forever” Lock is built to stop...


The iTouchless Brings Biometrics To Your Front Door


With the iPhone 5S, biometrics are suddenly on everyone’s mind. And it’s incredibly neat that you can unlock a phone just by giving it the fing- heh, by scanning your finger. But biometrics have been around for a while, and currently, you can use them to lock your doors. No...