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vapshot 1

Vapshot Lets You Turn Liquor Into Vapor


You may have heard of “smoking” alcohol, the idea that instead of drinking alcohol, you inhale it, which still gets you drunk but supposedly doesn’t put any more calories into your diet. While the jury’s out on whether that’s the case, it’s still popular, and the Vapshot is designed to...

Star Wars ATAT Liquor Cabinet

Star Wars AT-AT Liquor Cabinet


In our time, all sorts of Star Wars crap has crossed our path.  Yup, there is just an endless array of Lucas inpsired arts and crafts floating around out there.  Pile that on top of the officially licensed gear from the man behind such films at Indiana Jones and many...

Ice Jacket

Ice Jacket Chills Booze To 20 Degrees F


I’m not a fan of chilled booze, but for those of you that are you might wanna take a looksy at the Ice Jacket.  It actually sounds and looks a ton cooler than it actually is.  That base you see, well, it’s just a base.  The system includes a plastic...


Porthole Flask For Seaside Sippin’


All rusty barnacles aside, this porthole flask has some seriously swilly good looks.  Made from stainless steel and glass, this screw top flask will effectively store 4 ounces of your liquor of choice.  4 ounces is a bit small for my blackout thirsts, but I would definitely brandish one of...