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Thrustmaster Ferrari - 08

Thrustmaster Limited Edition Ferrari PS3/PC Gamepad Review


I’ve never been one to stray off the path of the proprietary console controller, but recently I had the opportunity to test out the Thrustmaster Limited Edition Ferrari PS3/PC Gamepad.  While I enjoyed a couple key aspects of this gamepad, I think PC gamers will have a better time with...

ThisIsIt Hard Drive

Michael Jackson “This Is It” Gold Hard Drive


Due to release later this month, The Limited Edition Michael Jackson “This Is It” Hard Drive by Samsung is the perfect way to celebrate the legacy of the late great one.  The 500GB hard drive will contain a DRM protected version of the recently released MJ film “This Is It”. ...


Ezison 100 Guitar iPhone App Accessory


There are more than anyone’s fair share of iPhone guitar apps available.  Fortunately, there is only one Ezison 100, an accessory designed to work with any guitar app to provide a more realistic guitar like experience on the touchscreen handset. Just insert the iPhone, connect the headphone jack to the...


Limited Edition Black Wii Bundle Headed To The UK


In what will continue to baffle me as to why certain regions get certain bundles, just announced is a new Wii bundle headed to Europe.  Nintendo will be releasing an all black Wii bundle on November 6th in the UK and November 20th for other European territories. The limited edition...


Limited Edition i-Toc Wristwatch


Reminding me of that old black and white countdown before the movie starts this limited edition i-Toc wristwatch is perfect for the budding retro-futurist.  The uniqueness of the watch comes from the two radially graduated rings that display the time.  The outer rings shows the minutes and the inner rings...


Umbrellas That Transform When They Get Wet


Let there be rain! Yup, that's something you don't hear most people saying unless of course they live in a drought infested part of the world. London design company, Squid London, produced just 100 of these umbrellas that transform when they get wet [...]...