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HydraLux: The First Liquid Cooled LED Bulb

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The folks over at Eternaleds, Inc. recently announced the debut of their HydraLux-4 LED light bulb, a light bulb that could change the way we live! (okay, perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit). The liquid-cooling technology used in HydraLux-4 LED is the first of its kind. The bulb is surrounded by...


Alien Abduction Lamp Is Real And They’re Coming!

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Got a friend or family member that watches countless hours of alien abduction TV shows on Natgeo or the Discovery Channel?  Well have I got the perfect gift for them: the Alien Abduction lamp.  Not only is the “Bovine Abductee” completely removable, but it features a glowing cockpit complete with...


MotorLight: Motorized Aperture Light Fixtures


Trying to add a little panache to your living room?  Or perhaps you’re opening a trendy bar and wanna set yourself apart from the competition?  The Motorlight from Jake Dyson features a motorized arc that can be adjusted from 10 to 120 degrees providing a ‘narrow or wide shaft’ of...


Dirt Powered Light: Just Add Water


This alien like probe is in fact a light that runs on soil.  The same stuff you put your feet on everyday (unless your in NYC or don’t leave your apartment) contains ‘energy conducive metals like zinc, copper and iron, and microbial fuel cells [that] are capable of converting electrolytes...


Gadget Review: Altus Lumen PAD-L LED Light

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If you’re outdoors in the dark, you’ll probably need a flashlight. Unfortunately, almost every flashlight is built the same way as a long tube. This makes it convenient to carry, but makes it less convenient to prop up anywhere. Even worse is that most flashlights are cumbersome to carry due...


LED Shower Door, Need I Say More


Water and technology have their place with one and other, but often they go together like tuna and peanut butter.  What exactly do I mean?  Get your tech wet and usually it’s fried.  The Cromobox LED shower door however, is the perfect combination of bathtub fun and LED lighting.  The...