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Joby Gorilla SwitchBack Review (video)


[rating:3/5] Pros: Multiple light options, including red LEDs for night vision Converts from headlamp to lantern in minutes 2 AA batteries = 72 hours Cons: A bit cheap feeling, especially the lantern portion No padding on battery compartment Joby’s Gorilla Switchback isn’t exactly what anyone would call a must have...


This Lego Brick Light Lets You Build All Night Long


This Portable LEGO Brick Light seems like the perfect accessory for your kid’s room (or yours too…I don’t judge). It’s a 3-inch Lego block with four bright LEDs inside it. Installation is easy — just insert 3 AAA batteries, use the included mounting plate to put it on your ceiling or...

BunBun Eco Light

Swing The BunBun Eco Light Around To Recharge It


Wind up flash lights are pretty old news. The BunBun Eco Light, however, puts a new spin on the old tech. Instead of requiring a separate crank for winding and charging, the light features a hidden handle that can be pulled apart from the base and used to spin the...


This LED Porch Light Packs A Motion Sensor


One of my favorite things to do this summer is kick it on the porch and enjoy some time outside at night. But having sufficient lighting for such an endeavor can be difficult for some, especially apartment renters. This LED Porch Light solves a lot of problems by bringing bright...

Fan Light

Fan + Bed Side Light = Fan Light


What in the novelty world is this?  A fan? A lamp?  Nope, it’s both!  Better yet, it is powered by USB only so that makes it the perfect complement to any desktop.  On the flip side, you can’t run both the light and the fan simultaneously. Read...


Light Up Your DUBs With The Motionlite (video)


Okay, so you’ve dropped about $20,000 on new rims, but really, what’s the point when you roll up to the club at 11pm when it’s too dark to take in all the stupid opulence.  Enter the Motionlite, a remotely operated, 6-inch telescoping LED lighting system for your car’s RIMs.  That’s...