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CoeLux “Skylight” Brings Sun To Dark Places

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Seasonal affective disorder is a very real phenomenon, and it can seriously mess with your head. In extreme situations, it can be crippling or even fatal. CoeLux, though, has a solution, and it involves a “skylight” with a clever idea. Soak Up The Sun It’s not a true skylight, of...


Philips SlimStyle LED Lightbulb: Brighter, Cheaper… Flatter?


The lightbulb is about to go through a major overhaul. As for January, you won’t be able to find incandescent lightbulbs in the stores; you’ll need to replace them with power-sipping LED bulbs. Philips, of course, has plenty of bulbs ready, including their new SlimStyle, which is… flatter? Flatbulb? Believe...

Secret Passageway Lightswitch

Secret Passageway Light Switch


Many of you will probably have to wait until your well into your twilight years to afford a home with a secret passage way.  But in the mean time you can get your very own secret passageway light switch, which instead of opening a concealed door turns illuminates a lamp...