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Lightning Rabbit

Lightning Rabbit Smartphone Cables Review


Smartphone connectors are a tough nut to crack. It’s hit or miss, but all too easy to miss unless you stick with the expensive, top-tiered 1st party cables. If you’re on an iOS device, that means at least $30 a pop for Lightning. Android owners are much better off with...

Bluelounge Saidoka-0090

Bluelounge Saidoka Review


iPhone docks stand up straight, or at a slight angle. For some reason, that’s just the way they are. It must be because that’s how we view smartphones in general, at a 5-15 degree incline. I never fully understood this, especially since most smartphones and tablets have such great viewing...

Ventev Powercase-9939

Ventev Powercase 2000 Review


ntil a few months ago battery cases for the iPhone 5 were a hard thing to find. The upgraded Lightning connector the soon-to-be old Apple smartphone threw manufacturers off and after many months of trials and tribulations, the battery cases came forth. We’ve tested a few recently but I’m content...


i-FlashDrive HD Review


One of the complaints against Apple’s iPhones/iPads has been the lack of user-expandable memory. The i-Flash HD is an external storage device that deletes this problem and doesn’t rely on any WiFi or networking in order to function. And it works with all iPads and iPhones from the 3GS up....

iPad Mini

iPad Mini Launch Date Rumored for October 23rd


So we’ve already confirmed the existence of the iPad Mini.  No, we don’t have any hard facts, such as a picture to prove it, but we know folks that have seen one in the flesh and running.  Take our word with a grain of salt, but you’ll see in due...