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Clothespin Light Bulb

Clothespin Light Bulb (video)


Most light bulbs twist and turn into place.  But how about a version that clips?  The Peg uses a clip mechanism, like a clothespin, to hold the light bulb in place and all the while transfers energy to the attached bulb through a set of contacts.  It’s a pretty neat...

LED Cube Light

LED Cube Lights Up Your Desktop


Who knows why you’d need the LED Cube, but does it really matter?  It cycles through a variety of colors using 64 individual LED lights to produce up to 1000 different colors.  Useless, yes, but it will surely add some much need pizazz to your boring and cold desktop. In...


Lightbulb Pushlight Lights Under Your Hand


Replace push of a button with push of a bulb and you get the idea behind the Lighbulb Pushlights. And it’s not just that it saves on space, and wires, and having to find a convenient place for a button, which might ruin and otherwise naked and glistening wall, but...

Dog Powered Lamp

Doggy Powered Lamp


Ever feel like picking up your dog’s poop in a little bag had no purpose besides making you look bad? Ever wish your dog could be like those life-saving, criminal stopping dogs that contribute so much to society? Well now you can lower the city’s electricity bill and keep the...

Fan Light

Fan + Bed Side Light = Fan Light


What in the novelty world is this?  A fan? A lamp?  Nope, it’s both!  Better yet, it is powered by USB only so that makes it the perfect complement to any desktop.  On the flip side, you can’t run both the light and the fan simultaneously. Read...

Cheap iPhone Wireless Lighting Solution

iPhone Lighting Control For Under $100


HVAC systems never come cheap and usually require an extensive installation process.  But if you’re anything like me – I just wanna control my lights with my iPhone – than there seems to be no cheaper answer than X10. The setup is semi-simple (their site is a mess).  You buy...

Adjustable Grill Light

BBQ LED Grill Light


Summer is almost here and that means, sun, beach, beers and GRILLING…and hopefully girls in skimpy bikinis!  But there is nothing worse than over cooking that fine piece of meat.  This largely happens when you don’t have the proper lighting for night time cooking and the would be burgers turn...