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CoeLux “Skylight” Brings Sun To Dark Places

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Seasonal affective disorder is a very real phenomenon, and it can seriously mess with your head. In extreme situations, it can be crippling or even fatal. CoeLux, though, has a solution, and it involves a “skylight” with a clever idea. Soak Up The Sun It’s not a true skylight, of...


The Bottlelight LED Cork Lights Up A Party


It’s the classic image: A candle, perched in an empty wine bottle, wax dripping down the sides. It’s practically a given that the cheesier Italian restaurants in your area will have some version of this. But they might want to modernize with the BottleLight LED cork. Bottle of Red, Bottle...

Pocket Spotlight

Get Better Photography Lighting With Pocket Spotlight


Phone photography has been huge thanks to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and now you can take much better photos of your food, daily outfit and more with the Pocket Spotlight. The pocket-size LED lighting system for smartphones and cameras provides users a softer and more flattering quality...

Tetris Lamp-3

Tetris Lamp Now Available for $40 (video)


Took them long enough.  Back in February we got word of a Tetris table top lamp.  Suffice to say there was a fair bit of excitement surrounding the product’s announcement.  After all, who didn’t or doesn’t love Tetris?  We’ll tell you: sadists and fun haters.  We digress.  Now you can...