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iphone lighter 2

Meet The iPhone Lighter Case. Really


If you’re a smoker, or spend time with a smoker, you have known the pain of a lost lighter. Fortunately, this being the twenty-first century, there’s a solution to that. And no, it’s not a vaporizer, it’s installing a lighter in an iPhone case. iLight The SuperNova, as it’s called,...

Spy LIghter

This Spy Lighter Records DVD Quality Video


So by now I’ve come to terms with the fact that there is no product that a tiny pin hole camera can’t be jammed inside of.  It kind of brings a whole new level of skepticism to cheating on your spouse or even talking smack about your best friend. This...


Brunton Helios StormProof Lighter…And Other Stuff


For all you people out there compiling your fallout gear, this all weather lighter could spark your interest. The Brunton Helio StormProof Lighter is capable of igniting flames in up to 80 MPH winds using a windproof adjustable high temperature flame. For the apocalypse, it uses an electric...