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NanoLeaf Bulb Is Ultra Bright and Energy Efficient, Comes In Unique Design Package


There’s no doubt that we’re living in hard times, which means saving money anywhere you can is essential. The NanoLeaf bulb wants to do just that and is the first of its kind to achieve 1600 lumens of brightness using only 12 watts of electricity (100W incandescent replacement), saving up to...

GE Hybrid Light Bulb

GE Lighting Betters the Compact Fluorescent Bulb

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The one thing people dislike about Compact Fluorescent Lights, now that they’re mostly not mercury laden anymore, is their low initial brightness upon turn-on. With that in mind, GE Lighting has added a small halogen capsule inside their new hybrid halogen-CFL bulbs, making them turn on instantly to a high...


Watt Time Alarm Clock Might See The Light Of Day


Why in the shape of a light bulb I don’t know, but from the design studios of Quirky I bring you the Watt Time alarm clock.  And yes, that is a horribly bad play on words, something I greatly appreciate in light (get it?) of the all too common bedside...


HydraLux: The First Liquid Cooled LED Bulb

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The folks over at Eternaleds, Inc. recently announced the debut of their HydraLux-4 LED light bulb, a light bulb that could change the way we live! (okay, perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit). The liquid-cooling technology used in HydraLux-4 LED is the first of its kind. The bulb is surrounded by...