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The LG G Watch Gets An Announcement (Video)


For better or for worse, smartwatches are headed to stores, and possibly your wrist. And LG doesn’t want to be left out of this particular game, so the G Watch, designed to work with all your Android toys, is on the way. And what’s a product without a product announcement...


5 Things You Need To Know About LG’s New G Watch (list)


No sooner than Android Wear, Google’s announcement of a set of tools to build wearables for Android, was announced, than LG announced the upcoming G Watch as part of its line of smart devices. Here’s what we know so far, and how it might compare to other smartwatches out there....


LG’s 4K 105-Inch LCD Is All The TV Anyone Ever Needs

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Weird Al Yankovich is hailed as many things, but a prophet is not usually one of them. That said, it seems that more and more, his song Frank’s 2000 Inch TV will be increasingly accurate as TV manufacturers try to top each other. Like LG’s newest TV, which may not...

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LG G Flex Is Official, Also Bent


LG has been dropping hints that its new flexible screen technology would be appearing in an upcoming phone, but we hadn’t seen anything about it hitting the market. All that’s changed with the LG G Flex, which is not an obscure rapper but their newly announced phone. Flex Time To...


LG Goes Phablet With The LG Pro Lite


Larger screens are becoming all the rage, as we more towards an apparently standardized form factor of about six inches. And LG is no exception, with it’s new phone the LG Pro Lite. But unlike the Note 3, a flagship phone this isn’t. Lite Indeed Let’s start with the internals,...