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The Konstruktor F Is The Best Do-It-Yourself SLR Camera


Once the rage was all about taking a snapshot and getting the film developed fast so you could look at the picture. That’s part of the reason that Polaroid became so popular. But now that “instant” photos are just a digital click away on a cellphone, many are finding it...


BenQ GP20 Ultra-Lite LED Projector Review


digital LED projector has a number of advantages over the more conventional bulb-based model, chief among them being ease of use, near-instant light start-up and portability. BenQ’s $1099.00 GP20 Ultra-Lite LED Projector includes all of these in its 720p resolution portfolio while at the same time avoiding the negative issues...

PhotoProX main

PhotoProX iPhone Photography Case Review


he biggest problem with waterproofed, “tough as nails” smartphone enclosures is that they’re too large — they won’t fit in a pocket which is where a phone is normally kept. So I thought the PhotoProX iPhone Photography case would take a double hit by not just being a protective and...

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The Autographer Review


hat’s with these “wearable” cameras that are all the rage lately? Do they work and really know what they’re doing and how do you handle them? The Autographer does what a “wearable” camera should and does it well, even if it’s not as unobtrusive looking as some others. The Autographer...

DCS-2330L Outdoor HD Wireless Network Camera

D-Link DCS-2330L Outdoor HD Wireless Network Camera Review

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ecurity cameras have undergone huge upgrades now that mobile devices are used as their view screens. This has led to cameras with varied feature-sets, although all continue the basic process of transmitting a picture. D-Link’s DCS-2330L Outdoor HD Wireless Network Camera provides for more than just the basics when it...


GR Daily Deals: MacBook Pro Retina Price drop plus Dead Space 3: Awakened releases


Back in February Apple updated their MacBook Pro Retina series laptops with a 2.4GHz processor. Thus the older 2.3GHz processor Retina models have come down significantly in price. The retailer Rakuten (formerly has the June 2012 model down to $1,849 – a new low by $50 and $80 cheaper...


Gadget Review Daily Deals: Medal of Honor: Warfighter $19.99, Samsung interchangeable lens camera $234, Skyward Sword for Wii plummets to $20


Today marks a new low on Medal of Honor: Warfighter for PC download, only $19.99 at Origin for the Digital Deluxe edition. That’s 50% off the $39.99 list price and $10 cheaper than Origin is selling the standard edition for ($29.99). In fact, the cheapest we’ve seen the standard edition...

Gadget Review Daily Deals: Panasonic Lumix w/ interchangeable lens $399, Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook $700, Sine Mora $2

Gadget Review Daily Deals: Panasonic Lumix w/ interchangeable lens $399, Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook $700, Sine Mora $2


If you’d like a camera that takes DSLR-level pictures without DSLR bulk or price, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF5X camera dropped $131 from its previous low today. This is a well-reviewed model easily worth its new $399 sale price. New low on Samsung’s attempt to copy the MacBook Air. The 13.3-inch...


This Camera Lens Thermos is Your Best Photographer Holiday Gift


How do you complement that Canon Lens Mug?  Simple, you buy a thermos.  But not just any thermos.  You’ll want this Camera Lens Stainless Steel Thermos. ThinkGeek sells it for $25, and they even include a built-in cup that looks just like a real deal lens backing.  It’s fully insulated to keep...

iPro Lens System main shot

Schneider Optics iPro Lens System Review


It’s no lie to say that digital imaging has replaced convention film pretty much across the board. Digital cameras by their very nature can provide simpler routes to taking good pictures — with a memory card being the only “price” to pay after the image has been taken, and the...




You hear that familiar beeping sound? That’s the sound of imaging joy as Olympus continues to back up its dump truck of press goodies. Today has already birthed three very different and very powerful new compact cameras. If you missed that news, then do yourself a favor and get up to...