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LEGO Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon 10179 Box

10 of the Biggest, Most Challengingly Awesome Lego Sets You Can Kill a Weekend Building (list)


In order to compile a list of the biggest and most challenging Lego sets, it was necessary to narrow down the criteria. First, the sets have to mass produced by Lego. In other words, we’re not considering any giant custom sets like the 6-meter Death Star Trench or insane 150,000...

jurassic park lego set

Jurassic Park LEGO Set Coming Soon?


Now that the Back to the Future set will officially be made, it’s time to guess what’s next. Well, it seems that the Jurassic Park LEGO set might just hit store shelves soon (with a little bit of help, of course). It’s been about 20 years since the first movie...

Lord of the Rings Tower of Orthanc Set

LEGO To Release 2,359-piece Lord of the Rings Tower of Orthanc Set (video)


LEGO will release a 2,359-piece Lord of the Rings Tower of Orthanc Set this July, which the playset shouldn’t be confused with Barad-dû, which is actually the Eye of Sauron peeking around on top. The set was unveiled in Portugal and will measure two feet tall when assembled. There’s six detailed follow filled...

Batman LEGO Arkham Asylum

13 Batman LEGO Sets From $100 to $850 (list)


LEGO collectors know that a lot of sets don’t come cheap. Some exclusive and limited edition sets can cost an arm and a leg, just like these Batman LEGO sets that are all more than $100! Being a die-hard LEGO fan is expensive enough, but adding that Batman factor into...

LEGO Star Wars 2011

15 of the Best LEGO Star Wars Sets of 2011 (list)


Since the release of the LEGO Star Wars line more ten years ago, the lineup has evolved to feature some amazing and out-of-this-world sets that have become popular with not just kids, but Star Wars fans and collectors, as well as LEGO set collectors. Last year proved to be a...

LEGO gifts

20 Top LEGO Gift Sets (list)


With Christmas three days away you still have time to grab the latest and greatest LEGO sets for that special collector in your life. Some of these are listed as hard-to-find, but with a bit of hunting down on Amazon or eBay and coupled with overnight shipping, having a few...

Ultimate LEGO Star Wars Destroyer

22 of the Geekiest Star Wars LEGO Sets (list)


Star Wars fans are no joke. They live, breathe and would eat all-things Star Wars if they can! In 1999, LEGO started to make Star Wars sets and figures and since then, these sets have become hot items for collectors. For the past 12 years, there have been more than...