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LEGO Star Wars Updated Visual Dictionary is Ideal Fan Gift


In the doldrums between now and The Force Awakens, what’s to keep the hardcore Star Wars fan/LEGO-lovers/excited kids entertained? Enter the LEGO Star Wars: Visual Dictionary: Updated and Expanded edition, ready with extra colons and all the LEGO/Star Wars mashup fans could want. As serious Star Wars collectors know, LEGO...


Han Solo LEGO Blaster Now On LEGO Ideas (video)


Man, don’t you hate it when people create cool ass LEGO builds only to find out that you can’t actually go and buy them? Yeah, us, too, which is why we’re pretty pumped that this Han Solo LEGO Blaster can possibly become a LEGO product…that is, if you go and...

lego utensils

Lego Utensils Are The Best Utensils


There have been many achievements in modern technology. We can fly into space for our own amusement. We have supercomputers in our pockets. We have an insane German man developing new slingshots. What we do not have is a logical way to arrange our kitchen utensils… until now. Click It...

lego simpsons

Behold! The Simpsons Are Now Legos!

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Lego has done something unprecented in its history: It’s created its first licensed line of Lego minifigs. And, of course, it’s the Simpsons who get the nod, as America’s first family. But how do they stack up compared to their cartoon counterparts? Some better than others, honestly. The Full Set...

12 Lego Sets

12 Movie-Themed LEGO Sets That You Can Buy Today (list)

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For this top list we’ve compiled 12 must-have Lego sets from movie franchises. Lego calls these sets “themed,” although the term can also refer to sets such as Bionicles, Lego Castle, Lego City, etc. For this list we’re focusing only on movie-themed sets that were licensed by Lego. We’ve also...

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Kings

Huge Indiana Jones and the Temple of Kings LEGO Build Impresses


Massive LEGO builds are always impressive and this Indiana Jones and the Temple of Kings one by Michał Kaźmierczak is pretty damn amazing! The large-scale diorama really illustrates an original Indiana Jones adventure that’ll make you want to watch the movies again. This gigantic build features amazing detail like cliff-haning rope bridges, spider, mummies,...

ghostbusters lego set

Ghostbuster LEGO Set Official (video)


Ghostbusters fans have won a small victory with LEGO. The 30th Anniversary Ghostbuster set designed by LEGO fan Brent Waller will be an official LEGO product signed off by the LEGO’s headquarters in Billund, Denmark…but only the Ecto-1 and the minifigs of the characters. The infamous Ghostbuster building won’t be included....