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Digital Monkey Wrench Tells You When To Stop Cranking Your Nuts


I never thought that the day ‘monkey’ and ‘digital’ would appear in the same sentence, but finally that day has arrived.  The Digital Monkey Wrench tells you when your nut is just right or when it’s too tight.  But all this comes with a hefty price tag of $323, which...


Toshiba’s REGZA SV670 and ZV650 LCD TVs Officially Unveiled And For Sale


Toshiba officially unveiled two new LCD TVs today, the REGZA SV670 and ZV650.  Both sets boast a the enhanced REGZA Engine with PixelPure 5G 14-bit video processing, Resolution+ super resolution technology, USB inputs, 4x HDMI ports and Toshiba’s 240hz technology, which combines 120 frames per second with advanced backlight scanning...


NEC CRV43 43-inch Curved LCD Monitor Costs A Mind Bending $8K, Arrives This July


We missed NEC’s CRV43 43-inch curved LCD monitor while at CES this year, but the good news is that it is actually coming to market this July.  The bad news is that it will cost $7,999.  So what do you get for eight grand?  A 2880 x 900 double WXGA...


LG Claims LCD Display That Is Half The Width Of An iPhone, Edge-lit LED Tech To Thank


LG announced the world’s thinnest LCD displays today.  Available in a 42-inch and 47-inch flavor, the sets are just 5.9mm thick, which to put it in perspective is about half, yes half the thickness of the current iPhone.  The almost wafer thin build is accomplished using edge-lit LED backlights, which...


Lightsabre Umbrella Will Ward Of Sith Lords And Hit & Runs


Sure, the Lightsaber Umbrella looks totally impractical, but consider this: it’s a rainy and dark night and you’re crossing the street.   The approaching cars can’t see you in  your all black outfit, that is until you flip the switch and light up the umbrella’s LED illuminated shaft.  It takes 3...


Luxeed L5 LED Keyboard Lights Up My Day (video)


Although it’s far from rivaling the Art Lebedev keyboards, the Luxeed L5 LED keyboard does run a good second.  And now the company has a second iteration of the device that is Mac/Linux compatible, and includes an improved keystroke system as well as a fix for a previous ghosting issue. ...


Hidded LED Watch


The LA hipsters will be all over this watch like rye on wheat.  Hidden beneath the LED Watch’s shiny facade are embedded LEDs that only appear when the time button is pushed.  No word on price or release date, but it will be available in Black, Silver and Ultara Marine....

EtonFR1000 1

Gadget Review: Eton FR-1000 VoiceLink Radio


Since the collapse of the economy, playing Fallout 3, and listening to Joe Rogan's stand up routine, I have been interested in reviewing what I like to call "Apocalypse Gear." The first time I saw an Eton radio I was on my last day at CES 2009 and I...


Dirt Powered Light: Just Add Water


This alien like probe is in fact a light that runs on soil.  The same stuff you put your feet on everyday (unless your in NYC or don’t leave your apartment) contains ‘energy conducive metals like zinc, copper and iron, and microbial fuel cells [that] are capable of converting electrolytes...


Gadget Review: Altus Lumen PAD-L LED Light

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If you’re outdoors in the dark, you’ll probably need a flashlight. Unfortunately, almost every flashlight is built the same way as a long tube. This makes it convenient to carry, but makes it less convenient to prop up anywhere. Even worse is that most flashlights are cumbersome to carry due...


Cracking The Photag Whip Is The Digi-Slave Flexring 6400

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SR Electronics latest light ring, the FlexRing 6400, might just burn the crap out of your retinas if you don’t strap on a welder’s mask.  Composed of 64 white LEDs – 32 in the center ring and 16 on each arm – it be attached to any camera, adjusted for...