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Philips Solar Powered Remote

Philips Solar Remote Control (video)


This is Philip’s solar powered remote control and you can’t have one.  Unless of course you live in Europe and have plans to purchase their Econova LED TV, which apparently consumes 40w of power in “eco” mode. We don’t know if the battery can run purely off solar juice, but...

Sony Google TV Price

Sony Google TV Prices Leaked


Sony Insider has unearthed what appears to be the official price list of Sony’s line of Google TVs.  If you didn’t hear that right, Sony’s newest TV’s, which will be announced October 12th, will provide the same TV/Web experience as Logitech’s Revue Box.  Shall we get down to the details?...

philips 21:9

Phillips 21:9 Aspect Ratio HDTV Gains 3D Support


Why does Europe get the coolest TVs and we don’t? Phillips new 58-inch Cinema 21:9 Platinum HDTV is no exception. This stunning set boasts 3D support with two pairs of included glasses, LED backlighting, local dimming, and a brushed matte finish. Its 21:9 aspect ratio, while unusual for television, is...


LG’S LEX8 LED TV Is The Thinnest Ever


LG’s LEX8 is a perfect showcase of the benefits of LED technology — I mean, just look at the thing. It’s just .88cm thick, has a 1.25cm bezel (the thinnest ever), and the requisite 1080p resolution with a 400 Hz motion rate. LG says that its Nano Lighting technology delivers...


Samsung’s New 65-Inch 3D LED TV Is The Biggest Ever


Samsung isn’t fooling around when it comes to immersive 3D — they just unveiled the UN65C8000, a 65-inch LED television that’s the largest home 3D screen ever. Specs include a 240Hz refresh, built-in Wi-Fi for apps like Hulu and ESPN, two pairs of 3D glasses, a dynamic 8,000,000:1 contrast ratio, Precision...

Sony 3D TVs

Sony 3D TVs Now Available For Preorder


Still holding out on that 3D TV purchase so you can buy one from Goliath Sony?  Well, wait no longer.  The consumer electronics manufacture has finally made all of their 3D sets available for pre-order and they’ve got a ‘wizard’ to help you determine what model is just right for...


Marvel Superheroes Have Their Own HDTVs Now


For the uber geek not afraid to show his love of superheroes, RTC is now offering a whole line of superhero HDTVs. The company is offering sets ranging from 22-inches to 55-inches, (40-inch and 46-inch LEDs seem to be a highlight),  with these characters: Iron Man, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Captain...


LG LX9500 LED TV Is Just 22mm Thick, Sure To Make You Drool


3D HDTV’s are really hot these days, and LG just announced one whose slim specs will make TV geeks drool. The LG LX9500 is only 22.3mm thick, and features a 16mm bezel, making this thing look pretty hot in anyone’s living room. The display is LED-backlit, offers 1080p resolution and...

Samsung 3.3mm LED TV

Samsung Produces 0.12-inch LED TV


Are you still searching for that LCD screen to double as a window in your dungeon of a bedroom?  Search no more.  Samsung today announced an 40-inch LED backlit LCD TV that is just 3.3mm thick (that’s 0.12992126 inches), which is so thin you’ll barely notice it on your wall. ...