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iPad Controls Self-Driving Nissan Leaf (video)


[GR]INHAKsQ9NfA[/GR] Oxford University is testing out a self-driving Nissan Leaf that has all its in-car technology controlled from an Apple iPad on the dashboard. It’s guided by a cost friendly navi system that actually gauges its surroundings via small cameras and lasers that are built into the body of the...

Mohu Kitchen

Mohu Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna Review


Like breaking up with that significant someone, ditching cable ain’t easy to do.  For some, cable TV is their conduit to the outside world.  If the case is such I’d never recommend they ditch their subscription to one of the few TV providers.  But for those that can live with...

Tesla S Red

Tesla S Price and Specs Released

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Tesla has long been a car company that produces only one car.  And that one car’s price is far out of reach for the majority of people living on this Earth.  But come this summer, they’ll release the Tesla S, their all electric sedan that can carry up to 7...


Tea Leaf Submarine Also Great For Shrooms


For the love of tea and submersibles!  This adorable submarine infuser is constructed of a non-stick heat-resistant silicone that once packed with your favorite loose tea, hits the bottom of your mug with a passion to get brewing. This is an absolute great gift for anyone that loves their to...