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Toshiba 3D TVs

Toshiba Regza GL1 TVs Do 3D Without Glasses


Much like Nintendo’s 3Ds, Toshiba is set to release a 3D TV that doesn’t require glasses. It will launch in Japan this December and be available in a 12-inch and 20-inch version.  Both sizes are probably too small for home theater use, but perhaps they’ll serve as some sort of...

Sony 3D TVs

Sony 3D TVs Now Available For Preorder


Still holding out on that 3D TV purchase so you can buy one from Goliath Sony?  Well, wait no longer.  The consumer electronics manufacture has finally made all of their 3D sets available for pre-order and they’ve got a ‘wizard’ to help you determine what model is just right for...


Marvel Superheroes Have Their Own HDTVs Now


For the uber geek not afraid to show his love of superheroes, RTC is now offering a whole line of superhero HDTVs. The company is offering sets ranging from 22-inches to 55-inches, (40-inch and 46-inch LEDs seem to be a highlight),  with these characters: Iron Man, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Captain...

Panasonic 3D TV Prices

Panasonic Announces Priceing For 3D LCD TVs


3D is the future…or something like that. Following companies like Sony and LG, Panasonic has announced pricing for their lineup of 3D HDTVs, and there’s certainly some variety in their wares. While the sizing varies, each model offers full 1080p resolution 3D, which works thanks to the (one) included pair...

Sharp Aquos Blu-ray Recording TVs

Sharp’s Adds Blu-ray Burners To Their AQUOS DX3 LCD TVs


As popular as HDTVs are, Blu-ray seems to be lagging behind. It’s a shame, because the format is excellent for both video quality and storage. Sharp is trying to integrate the Blu-ray experience with their new AQUOS DX3 series that features built-in Blu-Ray recorders and comes in either 26,32,40, and...

Android TV

Android Platform Hits The Big Screen In “Scandinavia” HDTV


Android, Google’s OS, is popping up left and right on smart phones nowadays, but it’s never been on a TV…until now! (Cue ominous music.) The Scandinavia — yes, that’s really its name — fits the bill, coming from the brilliantly titled company People of Lava. It features a 42-inch HD...


LG LX9500 LED TV Is Just 22mm Thick, Sure To Make You Drool


3D HDTV’s are really hot these days, and LG just announced one whose slim specs will make TV geeks drool. The LG LX9500 is only 22.3mm thick, and features a 16mm bezel, making this thing look pretty hot in anyone’s living room. The display is LED-backlit, offers 1080p resolution and...