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Viewsonic VG2427 LCD Monitor Announced, Nothing Special


To little to no fan fare Viewsonic announced a new monitor in their VG series today, the VG2427.  Although I couldn’t dig up an official press release, Cnet says the 24-inch LCD boasts a 1920×1080 resolution, 300 cd/m2 brightness, a rotatable and height adjustable stand, 2x USB ports and SRS...


Asus Unveils Wireless EzLink Displays At CeBit


Asus is taking the LCD monitor to new heights, or in this case distances thanks to the introduction of their Wireless EzLink LCD displays.  Users can connect their computer to their display via a Wireless Host Controller Interface (WHCI) or Wireless USB HWA (Host Wire Adapter) and according to Asus,...


The LG W2486L LED BLU LCD Is Razor Thin


OLED may be all the buzz for CES ’09, but there’s no reason to completely abandon good old fashioned LCDs.  Case in point is LG’s latest monitor, the 24-inch W2486L LED BLU.  It boasts a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, auto brightness control, 2ms response time and consumes about 50% less juice...


Samsung Intros 80-inch Touchscreen LCD: 820TSn


Samsung introduced 4 new large flat panel touchscreen displays, yesterday. The TSn series of displays come in 40, 46, 70 and 80-inch sizes. What's makes them unique is that they're embedded with an AMD dual-core based computer running Windows XP, along with WiFi, 1GB of DDR2 RAM and...


ViewSonic’s Wide-Screen Monitor: Entertaining And Expensive


Well, blow those trumpets and ring those bells! ViewSonic has announced its latest widescreen monitor, the VX2260wm. It delivers the 22-inch LCD as its name suggests, but the question is at what a cost? Read on for details. ViewSonic’s Wide-Screen Monitor does deliver its promise of a wide screen, but...

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