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The Grass Printer Is An Artistic Robotic Lawnmower


As robots become more tightly integrated into our daily lives, we’re going to use them for goofy pursuits. It’s just a matter of human nature: There is nothing we can’t turn into something that amuses us, especially when we build those things. The Grass Printer is arguably a case in...

smart stow 2

SmartStow Is A Lawnmower You Can Store Upright


Perhaps it’s not the most pressing engineering challenge in the world, but it is incredibly annoying to lawnmower owners across the world; you can only store your lawnmower flat, thanks to gravity. Storing it upright means oil and fuel will leak out of the engine and onto your floor. At...


Meet Honda’s 130 MPH Lawnmower


Yes, that’s the Stig. On a Honda lawnmower. Going 130 mph. Who says there’s no such thing as overkill in the landscaping industry? This is not a product you can swing by and pick up at the local hardware store, more’s the pity. Instead it’s a custom job commissioned by...


Project Runningblade: 100 MPH Lawnmower (video)


Lawn grooming isn’t one of those top of mind conversations, or blog posts for that matter, but in the case of the project Runningblade it’s most certainly worth a look.  If you couldn’t tell it’s suped-up lawn mower that has the potential to hit 100mph.  Potential because that’s a record...

RC Controlled Lawnmower

R/C Controlled Lawnmower (video)


No one likes mowing the lawn, but what if I told you could sit back on the porch, sip a cold glass of mom’s home made lemonade all the while trimming the greens?  Yeah, I bet you’d be sold. So it ain’t as simple as cruising down to your local...