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The Capacious Portable Hammock From Kelsyus

The Capacious Portable Hammock From Kelsyus


Goodness gracious, so capacious!  Ca·pa·cious–adjective – capable of holding much; spacious or roomy: a capacious storage bin. And now I know.  This cool looking portable hammock transports like a beach chair and would make you a true pioneer if you brought this to the beach or a BBQ. Using an...

Garden Groomer-2

Shrub Groomer Is A Floby Meets Chainsaw

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I guess it was only a matter of time of until the Floby (yes, the hair cutting machine from the 90s) technology was applied to hedge trimming.  The Garden Groom features a 4-inch concealed stainless steel rotary blade that chops even the most challenging of shrubs and then using an...


Garden Jawa IS What You’ve Been Waiting For


How sweet it is.  To finally trump the Garden Nome comes the awesome Lawn Jawa.  Crafted from a high quality solid plastic resin, this fully painted Jawa will stand guard no matter what the weather forecast. Standing at a foot tall, only Star Wars purists will be able you if...


Robotic Solar Powered Lawn Mower


Soon your Roomba automated vacuum cleaner will have an outdoor buddy, the Automower.  Laden in solar panels, the mower can recharge its battery when the sun shines or return to its base station for an off the grid fill up.  Lawn capacity maxes out at .5 acres, which should be...