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Apple Clock Design

Apple Paid $21 Million To Use A Clock Design


Apple just can’t get out of the line of fire following the law suits with Samsung. Several weeks ago it was discovered that shortly after the latest iOS update to the iPad, that Apple had stolen the clock design from Switzerland’s Federal Railways service.  Now, despite the Cupertino base company’s recent...

Whose Suing Whom

Infographic: Whose Suing Who Of The Tech Titans

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Still scratching your head about which tech company is suing which tech company?  David McCandless from grabbed all the data he could from the Guardian Tech and the NY Times and came up with this sort of easy to follow infographic.  Yeah, I’m still confused, but at least it’s...

Apple Sued Over Wet Iphone

Apple Sued For Wet iPhone Detectors


Forgetting your phone in the washing machine (or dropping it in the toilet, or spilling beer on it, etc.) is always a bummer, mainly because you know the warranty is void when that wetness indicator turns red. Well, it looks like someone’s especially angry enough about it to sue Apple,...

AT&T Sues Verizon Over Theres A Map For That Commercial (video)


I totally saw this one coming.  AT&T has sued Verizon over their some what hilarious ‘there’s a map for that’ commercial – it parodies Apple’s ‘there’s an app for that’ ads.  Video below. The commercial displays two US maps comparing Verizon’s robust 3G coverage versus AT&Ts spotty 3G coverage.  AT&T...