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laundry boy

The LaundryBoy Levels Up Your Hamper


Doing laundry is not the most fun chore of most of us, and so, we often need some form of incentive in order to get us to gather it up and get it in the wash. In the case of gamers, that incentive takes the form of the LaundryBoy. Laundry...


Punch Bag Laundry Bag


Get some much-needed stress out of your system by punching your laundry bag! Yup, you read right…your LAUNDRY BAG! The folks over at Suck UK created a very unique laundry bag that not only holds all your dirty clothes, but also functions as a boxing punching bag. Designed to look...


This Mini Tumble Dryer Is Funny, Kinda Pointless


Yes, someone invented a miniature tumble dryer, with dimensions of only 20x8x5 inches and a weight of 2 lbs. I suppose this could useful if you’re in an incredibly small apartment, or dry most of your laundry outside. But other then that, it’s kinda silly. I wonder how long it...