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The Bosch GLM 15 Laser Measure Gets Exact Measurements


If you’re a fussy person, like yours truly, you want not just good measurements, but exact ones. I admit to having driven my wife crazy on more than one occasion by following the rule of “Measure Twice, Cut Once” a little too religiously. But now, with Bosch’s new laser ruler,...


iPin Laser Puts A Laser In Your iPhone’s Headphone Jack


There are many, many accessories for your iPhone, ranging from the clumsy cash-in to the elegantly designed solution to make your phone that much better. As you might have gathered, the iPin serves as an example of the latter. A Laser For All Seasons First of all, yes, as you...


Wicked Laser EVO Laser Can Be Controlled From an iPhone

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Let’s be really clear about something; you probably do not need a laser from Wicked Lasers. These are not scientific tools, really; they’re toys. Awesome toys that will fill you with the jealous desire to own one. But, hey, now you can justify buying one if you’re a DIY kind...


Laser Maze: Like Solitaire, But With More Lasers


It is a fact that everything can be improved if you add lasers. The music of Pink Floyd? Check. Missiles? Check. Cats? Check. And now, we have a demonstration that single-player board games can be vastly improved with lasers, in the form of Laser Maze. The game is simplicity itself:...

Iron Man gauntlet

Iron Man Gauntlet Fires Real Lasers (video)


[GR]oYUCl-xCYaw[/GR] Was his resume deemed unworthy by Stark Industries human resource department? Were his innovations and blueprints stolen by Tony Stark himself? Was he fired for using an iPhone on company grounds knowing full well Tony is obviously an “Android” man? Could this be a way to show Pepper Potts...