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Black and Decker Sure Grip Laser Level

Black and Decker Sure Grip Laser Level

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Got a home project to complete this holiday?  Perhaps it involves hanging a shelf, some paintings or simply straightening out that paint job you started last year. Well, look no further than the Black & Decker All-In-One SureGrip Laser Level.  Unlike other laser levels, this one adheres to the wall using...

khet 2.0

Khet 2.0 With Lasers, Yeehaw


Khet 2.0 by ThinkGeek is knocking on your doors like heat from Egypt when those really long winds bring it. To your door. ThinkGeek predicts you’re ‘gonna flip’ over Khet 2.0 Laser Game if you liked Khet. I say few people flipped over Web 2.0, so chances of them flipping...

pantech laser

Pantech Laser, AT&T’s Slimmest Phone Ever


AT&T is again working with Pantech to bring you the aptly named slimmest phone in AT&T’s phone inventory, ever– the Pantech Laser. It’s less than 0.4 inches thick and comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, a 3.1 inch AMOLED touchscreen and an app that enables users to bring about different...

Laser Mosquito Killer

Star Wars Mosquito Killer


This thing AIN’T no retina scanning device.  In fact, it does something completely the opposite.  It’s a laser. The device, the Photonic Fence, comes from the folks at Intellectual Ventures Laboratory.  It tracks and kills mosquitos using a laser (enter Dr. Evil voice). But it doesn’t just kill any mosquito,...


Trypticon Transforming Laser Mouse


If the Ravage USB Flash Drive wasn’t good enough to satisfy your lust for all things Transformer, then you might wanna check out the Trypticon Transforming Laser Mouse.  Also arriving in September, it features an 800 dpi sensor, 3 buttons and will cost $59.99. [via Likecool] Read...


Intelliscanner: A Personal Barcode Scanner


Some of us would only be so lucky to have a library of DVDs that reaches as far as the eye can see, or a pantry stuffed so full of food it goes stale before consumption.  So how do you manage your vast amount of worldly goods?  Pen and paper,...

Lazer Alarm Clock

Laser Target Alarm Clock


The Laser Target Alarm clock might just take the cake of all alarm clocks (does that even make sense). Sometimes the best way to wake yourself from a deep slumber is to get the brain working right away. Hell, I wake up and check email via my iPhone. It get’s...