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Acer Dual-Screen Laptop Concept


Acer may be planning a major break from traditional notebook design with a dual-screen model reportedly leaked late Saturday. The prototype spotted by TechReviewSource would have two 15-inch displays, both of which would be touchscreens; one or the other could replace the physical traditional keyboard and trackpad with touch input...

samsung n350

Samsung N350 Has Built-In 4G


Specs wise, Samsung’s new N350  laptop isn’t much different than the netbooks we’ve seen over the past couple years, except for one big difference: 4G. The N350 supports both dual-mode LTE and HSPA+ , and they’re both built-in for internet on-the-go. Those other standard, less exciting specs include a dual-core...


Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 GFX Laptop Packs A 1GB External GPU


Fujitsu’s new Lifebook AH530 GFX Laptop is pretty darn powerful, seeing that it has a whopping 1GB external GPU. To be exact, it’s the ATI Mobility Radeon HD550V, which promises great speed for graphic-hungry applications like video-editing suites and Photoshop for a definitely capable mobile workstation. Other specs include a...

Precision M6500

Dell Unveils First Laptop With 32GB RAM


Does your computer slow down when running lots of programs? Maybe you need to upgrade your RAM to, say, 32GB? Okay, that might be overkill, but the option is now available on the Dell 17-inch Precision M6500 laptop. Now, what’s the point of all that memory, you may ask? It’s used...

Battalion 101 W860CU-3D

iBuyPower Launches Their First 3D Notebook


iBuyPower has dipped their feet in the 3D notebook waters with today’s announcement of their Battalion 101 W860CU-3D Laptop. It supports stereoscopic 3D from either Blu-ray movies or games, with the latter thanks to NVIDIA’s 3D Vision Glasses. Other specs include an 15.6-inch, 1366 x 768 resolution display with a...


Samsung Debuts New Q-Series Laptops


Samsung’s got plenty of notebooks up their sleeves with the announcement of the Q-Series, which has the 13.3-inch Q330, 14-inch Q430 and 15.6-inch Q530, and we got all the specs for you. The Q530 and Q430 both have a 2.26GHz Intel Core i3 (with a Core i5 as an option),...

Cabon Fiber Laptop Sleeve

Cabon Fiber Laptop Sleeve


Do you sleep and breathe carbon fiber?  Does your car resemble the likes of a shiny polyester suit?  Then you need the Carbon Fiber laptop sleeve. Yup, it’s crafted from actual carbon fiber, or so they say.  The sleeve is completely waterproof and has a soft polar fleece lining, which...