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Dell’s XPS 12 Is An Attempt To One-Up The Surface


Microsoft’s Surface, when it arrived in 2013, was seen as a bold move by a company normally defined by playing it safe. But it was also a hard sell to Microsoft’s more conservative corporate audience, and many thought it was just too advanced and that it’d need time to find...

Archos Arcbook

ARCHOS Arcbook Is An Affordable Android-based Netbook


Android is a versatile operating system. We’ve seen smartphones and tablets running on Google’s operating system — even desktops. Recently, Archos has announced a new laptop dubbed as Arcbook and it runs Android Jelly Bean as its operating system out of the box. “ARCHOS ArcBook combines a consumer-friendly tablet experience...


Toshiba’s New 4K Laptop Will Turn Heads, Shrink Icons


Laptops are not in the best of places in the current computer market. Tablets are rapidly overtaking their place as the most popular format for getting your web surfing and email done. But they’re not going down without a fight, as Toshiba proves with their latest laptop. 4K…ish Granted, their...


Acer’s New Chromebook Has A Touchscreen For Just $300

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As part of Google’s ongoing campaign to work its way into your life, it’s been trying to make hardware as cheap as possible. And Acer’s new Chromebook is definitely tempting, with a laptop and touchscreen for the cost of a tablet. Poke It To Make It Work OK, so maybe...


Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite Laptop Review


Samsung is in a really good position right now. It’s dominating the smartphone market–gobbling the lion’s share of smartphones sold internationally. The company has plenty wiggle room to test new emerging markets and tech. The Galaxy Gear is a great example of this, as is their struggling yet formidable SideSync...

Laptop Mistakes

10 Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing a Laptop (list)


Whether it’s due to hardware failures, accidental spills or eventual obsolescence, every few years or so, we all need to shop around for a new laptop. Thing about it is, as technology progresses and our needs for technology change, so do our hardware requirements. Just a few years ago, everyone...


Acer’s New Chromebook Is The Overhaul We Want


Yesterday we criticized HP’s new Chromebook because it was little more than a cosmetic upgrade. So Acer following through with a better, cheaper Chromebook really just emphasizes the point. All’s Well That’s Haswell As you may have guessed, this refresh is largely tied to Intel’s updating of its processors to...


Meet Sol, The $300 Solar-Powered Laptop


One of the problems of modern computing is power. While computers have become more and more power-efficient, charging a laptop in the middle of, say, Ghana where there’s no electrical infrastructure is a pretty serious problem. The solution? Come up with a rugged, cheap laptop powered by the sun. And...

Macbook Pro Retina vs Razer Blade Pro

Razer BLADE Pro Vs. MacBook Pro Retina Display (comparison)


We used to have the most eye-opening mentally-rewarding existential conversations when I worked as a comic book store clerk in high school. Customers and staff alike would engage in intensely-heated worldview-altering banter like “who would win in a fight between Wolverine and Batman” or “which cereal stays crunchier in milk?”...