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u500-1ex_toshiba laptop

Toshiba Announces U500-1EX Laptop With Touchscreen

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Toshiba is jumping on the touchscreen bandwagon….again.  That’s right, late last year they announced two touchscreen laptops (they’re actually updated laptops), the U505 and M505. This time around, though, it’s all new hardware.  The U500-1EX runs Windows 7, has a 13.3-inch 1280×800 touchscreen, 2.13Ghz Intel Core i3-330 processor, 4GB of...

Algiz 7

Hanheld US Gets Tough With Algiz 7-inch Tablet


Tis the month/year of the tablet.  Handheld US just hit us with a 7-inch touchscreen device, the Algiz 7 (sounds like a bad porn movie spoof waiting to happen).  Inside is a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, a 64GB SSD, Windows 7 Professional, dual 2400 mAh battery packs,...


Inflatable LapTop Desk By Lilo


At first glance you’d totally think that this inflatable laptop desk was developed for poolside use.  Not so much.  Probably the most portable laptop pillow accessory around, all you do is blow it up and you’re good to go.  My source had stated that the air inside would keep your...


Logitech Speaker LapDesk N700 Shields, Amplies And Cools


Much like the Philips CushionSpeaker, the Logitech Lapdesk N700 shields your fragile parts from the the laptops penetrating heat all the while providing some amplified sound for your tuneage.  But they’ve taken their version a step further and tossed in a USB powered fan to keep both you and your...


Undercover LapTop Sleeve From Urban OutFitters


Good idea.  For some people, their laptop is their net worth.  They probably don’t have renter’s insurance (which is cheap by the way), and if their laptop gets stolen, it’s all over.  To help alleviate some of this paranoia comes this unsuspecting laptop sleeve from Urban Outfitters that looks like...


Another Cash For Gadgets Program, This Time At Orange


In an interesting move, now retailer Orange is getting into the cash for old gadgets game with its Recycle and Reward program. While they don’t have the awesome automated kiosks of other vendors, Orange will give you a quote and a check within a week when you take whatever it...


The Dell Adamo XPS Laptop Could Not Be Much Thinner


I have seen some THIN laptops in my day, but the Dell Adamo XPS is so thin that it would make supermodels take a look at it and say, damn, eat a SANDWICH or something.  Thin is great and all but there are limits, and the Dell Adamo XPS butts...


E-Pad Laptop Pillow Desk


Having just bought a new laptop I was excited to be able to work outside of my basement but wanted to find a nice accessory to keep my computer elevated properly and comfortable at the same time.  I found one at Ikea that I like to call a laptop pillow....