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WiFi Lamp

Elis WiFi Lamp


File this under wacky; it’s a WiFi lamp from Onda Communications.  In other words someone took a 70s looking bedside light and stuffed it with a router, at least that’s what I’m picking up.  According to a snapshot of the product manual it’s designed to work with Power Line technology,...


LightSaber USB Desk Lamp


Star Wars merchandising will never end.  To add to the planet sized landfill of Star Wars junk comes the LightSaber USB Desk Lamp.  Capable of being unsheathed to conduct a symphony John Williams style at anytime, I can’t imagine this being the type of light that’s conducive to productivity. The...


PaperClip Lamp


The paperclip is one of those timeless inventions I think of when I’m having a not so smart day.  Now morphed into another invention, the PaperClip Lamp looks like your everyday giant sized paperclip, but it is also a fun LED desktop lamp. No word on the true reality of...

OLED Rocking Chair-1

OLED Lamp Powered By The Movement Of A Rocking Chair


Although it might be a bit far from reality the Murakami Chair is one slick design that has my head nodding with agreement.  The attached OLED lamp, which requires less energy than a standard light bulb to operate, draws energy from an on board battery pack that is powered by...