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iTunes Match

iTunes Match Coming This Fall for $25 a Year


Apple scooped up Lala well over a year ago and since we haven’t heard much about the cloud based music service.  However, today Apple unveiled their iTunes Match, a service that is virtually analogous to Lala’s last offering, but offers some enhancements. First off, let’s look at what it is....


Is September The Apple iTV Launch Date?


Kevin Rose, Digg’s founder, say’s he has got word that the Apple iTV, which we first heard about earlier this month, will launch sometime in Septemeber and indeed will cost $99. Much like the iPhone and iPad, the iTV will enable consumers to access the vast catalog of Apple apps...


Apple Wireless Sync And Cloud Media Coming Soon

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BGR says they’ve talked to a source who says iTunes wireless syncing and cloud based streaming is coming very soon.  A few months ago Apple purchased LaLa, so it’s not a question of if, but when Apple would provide cloud storage for all our media.  The source says that you’ll...