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Kia Sorento - 07

2014 Kia Sorento Review


porting enough room to accommodate the nuclear family, along with a number of features that generally cost thousands more than other car brands, the Kia Sorento might be one of the most sensible and practical cars I’ve driven. The exterior of the Sorento isn’t likely to stop and gather an...

2012 Kia Soul Review - 1

2013 Kia Soul Review


I never thought that anything associated with a hamster, and an oversized hamster at that would have any draw or appeal.  After all, they’re hamsters.  Vermon that convey no disdain for running for hours inside of a plastic ball only to go no where.  One could say they’re all together counter...


Kia Rio Review (2012)

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Heading out onto the open road can sometimes feel like brushing your teeth; you just don’t wanna do it. However, if you’re lucky enough to own a relatively new car, which are generally replete with the latest and greatest creature comforts, it can make the drive far less painless and...


Cydle i30 ATSC Mobile DTV For iPhone & iPod Touch


With the South African World Cup looming around the corner (150 days from now), Mobile TV is something you might need for your iPhone.  Also doubling as a battery extender, the i30 has a built in speaker and a retractable antenna for grasping  that all important signal. No word just...


A No Named MID Rocking WiFi, WiMax, WiBro, and HSDPA

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Talk about connectivity.  Yesterday we saw the first ever WiMax/GSM phone, the Max 4G.  This 4.8-inch touchscreen (1024×600) MID, which seems to have no name but comes from a Korean company called UMID, features WiBro, HSDPA, WiMAX, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity (WiBro is for the Korean market).  Under the hood...