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PowerEZ Plus

Konnet PowerEZ Plus: iPhone Battery With Kick Stand


We’ve seen more than our fair share of iPhone batteries.  KONNET’s PowerEZ Plus not only includes 1000mAh of juice, but has a built-in kickstand for movie watching.  A bit novel, but we’re digging it and at just $30 it seems reasonably affordable compared to the rest of the batteries out...

Powerv Duo

PowerV Duo Wiimote Charging Dock Now Powers Your iPhone


While it’s hardly innovation – more like iteration – Konnet‘s latest Wiimote inductive chargin dock, the PowerV Duo, includes wireless charging for up to two Wiimotes and two USB ports for charging compatible handheld devices, such as the Nintendo DS Lite or the iPhone.  Aside from that it uses the...

Wii PowerV QUAD Inductive Charging

Wii PowerV QUAD Inductive Charging and Storage Dock


While I don’t think it’s as cool looking as the Xbox 360 Power Pyramid Charger, the Wii PowerV QUAD Inductive Charging and Storage Dock is at the very least an affordable and reaonsably attractive charging stand for your Wiimotes.  For $50 you get the stand and four 800mAh batteries that...