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Konami Announces New Metal Gear V Phantom Pain (video)


[GR]G8qugKFaVLE[/GR] I once heard fiction writer Warren Ellis (Planetary, RED, Crooked Little Vein) call the then-current X-Men comic book series “buckets of X-cash”. It was pegged as such, partially for its financial success but also due the many sub-x titles that made up the series. The X-men name had become...


Birds of Steel Review (PS3)

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Now I am not the biggest player of flying games, but when a copy of Birds of Steel landed in my mail without warning, I figured I would give it a shot.  I actually hadn’t heard anything about this game prior to it coming in, which while that might normally...

Konami 3D Road Fighter

Konami Road Fighter Drives Into 3D

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Every where we look these days it’s ‘3D this’ or ‘3D that’.  Honestly, enough 3D already. Okay, we’re kidding, we like the 3D.  Afterall, it does add a compelling element to any movie or…drum roll…in this case a video game.  Konami has reissued a 3D version of their 1984 hit...


Metal Gear Solid Touch And Frogger Now iPad Approved


Remember when we were so excited to see those first MGS Touch screen shots for the iPhone?  Then the game came out and it was basically just a expensive unfinished shooting gallery.  The iPad version has just been released and thankfully the price did not go up.  It’s still at...


Gaming Rumor: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Bundles Surmised


I played the demo for Peace Walker over the holidays and was impressed by the graphics and tight as hell production quality.  Today, two MGSPW bundle rumors have made it to the blog front lines and they will be pricey. Japanese reports have indicated that the 1st bundle will contain...


Metal Gear Solid Touch Price Revealed


metal-gearl-solid-touch-website According to CVG, Metal Gear Solid Touch will cost about $6 or 4.99 EUR. I checked the official site, and although the game is due out by Thursday of this week, there is still no official mention of the price [...]...


Metal Gear Solid Getting Ported To The iPhone


Metal Gear Solid 4 is coming to the Apple app store as Metal Gear Solid Touch.  It looks to primarily be a shooter and for every stage completed you’ll be awarded with videos, wallpapers and a Snake Blisken firm slap on the back.  Based on the loose translation it sounds...