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Kodak Files for Chapter 11

Kodak Moments Now a Thing of the Past: The Rise and Fall of a Great American Company


Kodak was a big dog in the camera industry in the 20th century, promoting photography for hobbyists while providing innovative camera technology like its popular Instamatic cameras and even creating the world’s first digital camera in 1975. Basically, Kodak could have been the Apple of photography, but somehow down the...

Kodak PlayTouch

Kodak Playtouch HD Camcorder


New week, new pocket camcorders! Kodak’s Playtouch HD Camcorder does stabilized 1080p video with full stereo audio. It’s other specs are pretty standard for the pocketcam category, but Kodak’s image quality for these things (as evidenced by the Zi8) is top-notch. There’s a 3-inch capacitive touchscreen for basic video editing...


Kodak Has Something Big Coming…No One’s Sure What


A new rumor has burst onto the scene out of the Kodak company, and everyone’s frantically trying to figure out just what exactly it is.  A “highly placed source” has promised that Kodak’s got something really big planned for the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show this January in Las Vegas, but...


Kodak Announces Zi8 Camcorder, Boasts 1080p And Image Stabilization

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Kodak kicked out a new pocket sized camcorder today, the Zi8.  Unlike the previous iterations of the Kodak Z series camcorder, the Zi8 captures 1080p video and 5 megapixel stills.  It’s also got an SD card slot, 2.5-inch LCD, face recognition software and electronic image stabilization, a feature we haven’t...


Kodak EasyShare Z915 Camera Review


Most people have cell phones that include a built-in camera. Unfortunately, these built-in cameras often have limited resolution and zoom capability along with less than stellar image quality. For those ready for a dedicated digital camera, the Kodak EasyShare Z915 is worth considering. The most compelling feature of the Z915...


Kodak Announces Yet Another Point And Shoot, The Easyshare C180


If anyone can roll out low range digital point and shoots and still make a living, it would have to be Kodak.  Today they rolled out the Easyshare C180.  The 10.2MP shooter will hit stores shelves this August for $200 and if you ask me, it ain’t worth the paper...

Kodak Oled Photo Frame 2009 - 5

CES: Kodak OLED 7.6-Inch Wireless Digital Frame Hands On (video)


The Kodak OLED 7.6-Inch Wireless Digital Frame is old news by now, but we still thought it would be fun to shoot a quick and dirty video walk through of the device. [GR]q09Rl_If0wM[/GR]...


Kodak Intros OLED Photo Frame


Kodak unveiled its first, and perhaps the world’s first OLED photo frame today. Measuring 7.6-inches from corner-to-corner, the display achieves an 800×400 resolution and automatically optimizes photos thanks to Kodak’s Perfect Touch technology.  Built-in WiFi should allow for an endless stream of photos and more, or you can upload to...