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Task Lab TaskOne G3 iPhone Case

Task Lab TaskOne G3 iPhone 5 Case Review


Because we keep our cell phones around all the time, we can always get phone calls. But what if you need a bottle opener, a screwdriver or a knife? Pull one out of your pocket, sure if you had one in your pocket but who has— I don’t. But I...


Spreadthat! Knife Melts Butter In 20 Seconds


You know the saying, “Like a hot knife through butter?” That saying could have been describing the Spreadthat! Butter Knife that makes spreading things like butters, jams, chocolate and Nutella easier! So what makes this butter knife different is what you’re probably thinking right now. Well it uses your own...

gerber money clip

Gerber Money Clip Holds Your Credit Cards and a Knife, Made for the Practical Gentleman

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Ditch your old bulky wallet and opt for something more rugged like the Gerber Money Clip that doubles as a pocket knife. Its titanium-coated steel body is sleek and lightweight, with the ability to hold up to five credit cards. And for emergencies, the sleek knife with a 1.75″ blade...

Brass Knuckle Knife

This Brass Knuckle Knife Is All the Intimidation You’ll Ever Need to Avoid a Fight

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Ok.  So to be candid, a $10 knife is likely a POS.  Nevertheless, the concept is a notable one.  And honestly, if you never plan on using it in a tactical (i.e. fighting) scenario, who cares. Say hello to the Tac Force TF-530BK Tactical Brass Knuckle Knife.  Unfortunately, the description on...

Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack

Stay Safe In The Wild With The Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack


Bear Grylls is the one man you’ll want out there with you if  you ever get stuck on a deserted island, get lost in the wilderness or have to survive in the snow. But since you can’t really have him physically with you, at least you can carry around his...

Joseph Bowen Micro Hatchet TAD Edition Knife

Joseph Bowen Micro Hatchet TAD Edition Knife Is Carried Around Your Neck


Triple Aught Design’s Joseph Bowen Micro Hatchet TAD Edition Knife is unlike any other knife they’ve created! After all, not everyone has created a knife that can be hung around your neck like this one, providing users easy access for when they need it most. The hatchet knife is made via...

GDC Hook Knife

GDC Hook Knife Is A Handy Blade For Your Keychain (video)


Protect yourself from the unexpected with the Gerber Daily Carry Hook Knife that adds lifesaving potential, in the form of a reliable, easy-to-access blade that’s always in arm’s reach. This ultra-stealthy knife lives on a key chain and can be used to quickly cut yourself out of a piece of clothing, seatbelt or...

Butterfly Cufflinks

Butterfly Knife Cufflinks Slice Through Rope, Bras, Whatever You Need to Gain Access To


Cufflinks generally serve one purpose: keeping your cuff closed and secure.  I suppose if I were pushed, I would also concede and admit that they’re designed to make you more an individual and add style to your clothing ensemble.  And none will probably do that better than these Bufferfly Knife Cufflinks....

Magnetic Knife Guards Large

Magmate Magnetic Blade Guards


Avoid cutting off any digits while in the kitchen with MagMates magnetic Blade Guards, which help protect you from any sharp blades so that you can cook up your delicious meal without having to worry about any cuts or scrapes. These guards can actually be cut to accommodate a variety...


Fancy Knife Belt Buckle Could Keep You Safe When You’re Dressed like a Penguin

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End up in the wrong part of town and you might be find yourself down one of those dingy, movie cliche alleys.  Odds are nothing will happen to you, but there is nothing quite like a bit of piece of mind to help you remain calm so you can retrace...

Cake Divider

Slice Your Cake Perfectly with the Cake Divider


In the movie “Office Space”, Milton finally eventually reaches breaking point and burns his entire office to a crisp.  A variety of factors influence this unfavorable behavior.  And although it’s not “the straw that broke the camels back,” one of the many is when Milton doesn’t receive a piece of celebratory cake....