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stirio 1

Stirio Keeps Things Moving In The Kitchen


If you cook at all, you often discover that you’re in need of a third hand. And there are many different ways you can get that third hand, but the Stirio in particular stands out as a useful way to get things moving in the kitchen, especially if you need...

miracle machine 2

The Miracle Machine Is A Tabletop Winemaker


There was a time in human history where if you wanted booze, you generally had to make it yourself. Wine, beer, hard liquor, it was all stuff we made at home, largely to ease the pain of the backbreaking labor of growing the stuff you needed to make booze in...

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An Apron That Has Built-In Oven Mitts Finally Exists


It’s generally a good idea to wear an apron while cooking, not because it helps propagate a ’50s lifestyle but because grease splatters hurt and can wreck your clothes. Or catch them on fire. In theory. I totally have not nearly been accidentally lit on fire by grease splatters. Hey...


iPad Cutting Board Serves Apple With Your Cheeses


When it comes to kitchen gadgets, you really need to focus on items that offer more than just one function. There’s very little, for example, that you can’t achieve in the kitchen with a good chef’s knife. But sometimes you have to consider tricking your friends as a separate purpose,...

Edge of Glory

Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener Review


No, I’m not reviewing a Lady Gaga song (thanks for the pop culture reference gag kids!), but rather the knife sharpener you might have seen advertised on television lately.  One of the many things that can ruin your experience with cooking in a kitchen is having a dull knife; I’m...


Kramer Knives


We fancy ourselves as kitchen folk, so we thought the epitome of the ultimate blade was found in either Wusthof or Global knives.  Turns out we were wrong, very very wrong. Kramer Knives cut like a Japanese Samurai sword.  Yes, they’re that sharp, as proven by the above video which demonstrates the founder slicing in...