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Ematic EGD172 7” Dual-Core Multi-Touch Tablet Review


Android tablets may be commonplace but that doesn’t mean they’re all alike. The reason so many 7” tablets are available is that they cater to the differing needs of the consumer looking to buy them. So what makes the $69.99 Ematic’s EGD172 7” Dual-Core Multi-Touch Tablet stand out? That it...


4 Questions Answered About Android Kit-Kat 4.4.3 (list)


Android Kit-Kat is a great operating system in some respects… but in others, it could use some work. There are plenty of bugs to squash and ideas to test. So what’s making it to release, and what will Android users have to struggle with? 1. Who’s Getting It? First of...

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11 Of The Best Android 4.4 Kit-Kat Features (list)


After arriving on the Nexus 5, Kit-Kat is slowly rolling out to the rest of the Android devices that can handle it. So what’s new, and what’s the best? It’s worth talking about not least because the differences can sometimes be subtle unless you’re looking for them. Here’s a quick...


Android Kit-Kat: Are You Getting It? And When?

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Yesterday, Google announced an update to Android to 4.4, named Kit-Kat because they were running out of generic terms for desserts. But not everybody is getting Kit-Kat, and not everybody is getting it at the same time. Here’s who’s left out, and who will get the new stuff. No Candy...