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Microsoft Kinect

The Microsoft Kinect Is Going On A Summer Tour


Last week, we told you about Kinect demos at select Macy’s Stores (they were yesterday…did you go?), and now Microsoft is taking their motion sensing unit out on the road with the “Microsoft Kinect Mobile Tour.” There will be  traveling demos on both the east and west coast of every...

Wal-Mart Kinect Bundles

Wal-Mart Offering Kinect Bundles For $199


As we’ve reported before, Microsoft’s Kinect his stores this November for $150. The motion sensing unit, though, does not come with any games, so this bundle from Wal-Mart makes a lot of sense. For $199, you’ll get the Kinect system, a Kinect game (choices include Kinect Sports, Kinect Dance Central, Kinect...

Kinect Amazon

Amazon Posts Kinect, Ships November 4th For $150


If you needed any further proof that Microsoft’s Kinect will ship this November 4th for $149.99, then look no further than the web’s largest retailer,  They’ve now posted the Kinect system for preorder and it ships and sells for the same price as the Gamestop leak we saw a...

Natal Cirque De Soleil - 1

Natal Cirque De Soleil Experience (video)


Last night we attended the second, as in not official Xbox 360 Natal Cirque De Soleil event.  Our experience?  A positive yet unusual one.  Microsoft is smart (I know, I never thought I’d find myself saying that).  The word of mouth marketing they’ll get out of these two events will...

Kinect Price and Ship Date

Gadget Leak: Kinect Price And Ship Date


Here’s some more Microsoft gaming news for you to pine over: the Kinect will cost $150.  Ouch.  That’s more than we expected or that was rumored.  If the Gamestop leak is to be believed you’ll pay $300 for the Arcade system and Kinect, and $400 for the Elite system and...

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A Date, Finally: Microsoft Kinect Arrives This November


Finally, marketing materials have laid down a November release date for the Kinect. But still no price! Will it be $100? Probably not. $200? That’s pushing it. $150 seems about right. I’m sure we’ll find out after they unveil the new Xbox 360, though we’re not supposed to know about...

Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft ‘Project Natal’ Renamed ‘Kinect’


We’ve waited, we’ve guessed and we’ve pontificated.  Project Natal will now be called Kinect.  At this point we pretty much know what it is has to offer in terms of gaming, though Microsoft is still mum on price and launch date.  We’ll be at the second Cirque De Soleil event...